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Services for Telecommunication Industry

Telecom Industry

Research of Fixed Broadband Market

  • market indicators (subs, revenue, ARPU, penetration)
  • shares of technologies & regions
  • main players data
  • recommendations for strategy

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Research of Pay-TV Market

  • market indicators (ARPU, RGU, subs, penetration)
  • shares of technologies & regions
  • shares of free/pay TV
  • main providers data
  • recommendations for strategy

Local Telecom Markets for M&A

  • providers for sale – information for M&A
  • top city’s providers
  • market indicators

... other propositions

Services for E-business, IT Startups

Solution for E-business, Online-Services & IT Startups

Solutions for Startups

  • market research, project’s feasibility study
  • strategy, MVP, business model
  • proposal for clients and partners
  • executive summary, invest-memorandum, teaser
  • new partners with negotiations

Strategy Development, Implementing

  • roll-out and deployment plan
  • product roadmap
  • segmentation, positioning
  • business model and pricing
  • sales, promotion and customer care
  • biz development, strategy launch

Buy-Sell Online Projects

  • prospective projects sarching
  • preliminary negotiations
  • strategy and project improvement

... other propositions

Services for Other Markets

Other Markets

Strategy Audit & Improvement

  • clear objectives, revised market drivers
  • corrected market estimation, competitors shares
  • searching unaccounted costs
  • checking model and conclusions

Sales & Marketing Development

  • current situation audit
  • new partners indenting
  • formulation of business processes
  • improving sales and marketing departments
  • launch of various promotional activities

Marketing Outsourcing

  • market analysis, competitors monitoring
  • adjustment of prices and product range
  • development of the special offers and promotions
  • marketing projects management

... other propositions