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Conference – #TIM: Broadband 2016 (Broadband Ukraine 2016)

3 years ago

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Date: February 12, 2016
Venue: Ukraine, Kiev, MonteRay, Ukraine, Kiev, 8, Prorizna str., «Kreschatik» Metro Station
ORGANIZER: Expert & Consulting (E&C)

About #TIM: Broadband 2016

February 12 will be a conference BROADBAND UKRAINE 2016, which will be devoted to the most important issues of the telecom industry today.

It is expected more than 200 participants from all over Ukraine: from Zaporizhia and Lviv, Kharkiv and Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk and Odessa, Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk, Alchevsk and Lisichansk, Energodar and Yuzhnoukrainsk, other cities.

During the conference will be held several discussions on current topics, as well as the legal forum. As a result, will be discussed in detail the issues about relationship between business and the state, legislative changes regulating the activities of providers of program services, technological future of BROADBAND, marketing activities and monetization schemes in the industry, as well as investment and M&A in BROADBAND.

Preliminary agenda of #TIM: Broadband 2016

09:30 -10:00 Registration, networking with participants

SECTION: GOVERNMENT AS A SERVICE (GaaS): Dialogue between business and government: discussion of topical issues

10:00 -11:30 Discussion: intellectual property and the fight against piracy in Ukraine Broadband networks: problem or opportunity?

  • How the state will work with the market: The strategy of reforming the sphere of intellectual property.
  • How technology helps in the fight against piracy: innovation in the field of protection of intellectual products.
  • As rights holders will be motivated to «sell» and not «steal» content.

Panelists: representatives of authorities and professional associations (the Verkhovna Rada, the National Council, NCRP, Associations)

11:30 -12:00 Coffee and Networking


12:00 -13:30 Discussion: Boosting arpu: how to attract and retain

  • Rising cost: myths, fears and hopes.
  • New schemes of networks monetization, is “tube” is enough (which VASes do work and earn).
  • Risks and points of growth in 2016: the market opportunity in a period of stagnation.
  • Service platforms «content for all devices».
  • OTT, video content, digital TV and interactive applications in broadband networks.
  • IoT (Internet of things), M2M solutions, cloud services based on operators networks.

Panelists: To discussion are invited representatives of leading operators: Triolan, Tenet, Vega, SDS, Lanet, Datugroup, other telecom operators.

13:30 -14:30 Lunch at the restaurant «conversation without ties»

SECTION: Mobile vs fixed broadband: ambitions, possibilities and realities(3G)

14:30 – 16:00 Telecom Battle: in two rounds

Round 1: 3G battle for the market: the two strategies, marketing ambitions and enabling technologies.

Break: International experience in market penetration based on solutions from leading vendors.

Round 2: Broadband Fix vs Mob – can be only one (3G vs FTTB).

Break: International experience in market penetration based on solutions from leading vendors.

Participants: Invited key operators of mobile and fixed networks.

16:00 -16:30 Coffee and Networking


16:30 -18:00 Discussion: aboud investments M&A in BROADBAND

  • Practical experience in investments in telecom: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • When to sell your business.
  • Who, how and how much to buy / sell.

18:00 -22:00 The closing ceremony. Friendly party by invitations.

The current agenda, speakers and registration information is available at