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M2M and mHealth Startups – opportunities for mobile operators

5 years ago

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Possibe M2M-startupsE&C forecasted that M2M-market could be one of the most promising mobile operators in Ukraine in B2B-segment.

On December 4-5 in Kiev (Ukraine) took place Startup AddVenture, first freemium conference for startups and investors from all over Europe and the United States, designed to combine the IT entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels and incubators of Ukraine, CIS , Europe and USA.

Representatives of Expert & Consulting ( attended the event and noted several startups that could be potential partners of mobile operators for the implementation of projects in the field of M2M, and in particular in the field of mobile Health. In turn, telecom operators can be an excellent platform for the sale of services of such startups to its clients, because big business is a good driver of demand for venture startups.

One of these startups, Lintech, allows to build systems for industrial and environmental monitoring based on “RCC”distributed sensor networks and may become the nucleus for M2M-service used by corporate customers.

Also an interesting B2B-project was Talksum, associated with data processing and Big Data for M2M (in particular for transport and energy).

Another service, Medilink, in m-Health, is focused on B2C-segment and designed to help doctors find and book an appointment online.

More detailed information on the M2M market is planned to report E&C «M2M Market of Ukraine in 2013».

Source: Expert & Consulting ( Reference to the source and active clickable link is obligatory.