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Current situation and outlook for fixed broadband Internet in Ukraine, Broadband Ukraine in 2013 (Kiev, Ukraine)

6 years ago

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June 12, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine held its annual conference Broadband Ukraine in 2013, organized by TechExpo (EEBC).

E&C Consulting group has acted as a strategic partner of the event with a presentation on “Current situation and outlook for fixed broadband Internet in Ukraine.”

As part of the report it was shown what is the current situation of the fixed broadband market in Ukraine, what are the main trends and key growth drivers of interest for providers and vendors:
• The main trends, market indicators, dynamics
• The potential of Ukraine, key trends and directions of the market development
• Key market indicators of Ukraine: volume, dynamics, coverage
• The structure of the main players on the market, types of access, technologies
• The overall analysis of the competitive situation and business strategies of the players
• Prospective and outlooks