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Banking industry

Product (report)


Local market

Foreign Market

Innovative products and solutions Foreign products, solutions and practices of the banks.

  • key trends and innovations
  • new market niches & marketing mix
  • original financial startups
  • recommendations
The best marketing tactics of the global banks Monitoring and analysis of best practices in special offers, events and other most interesting approaches which other banks can use. X
Marketing tactics of local banks Benchmarking analysis: local special offers, events and other most interesting approaches which other banks can use. X
Local market of products and services Monitoring of life cycle and trends for the specified banking products, identifying new services, assessing their demand and potential, feasibility study of oputting them in the product portfolio. X
Activities of the banks in social networks Monitoring and detailed analysis of the promotional activity in social networks of the local competitor banks and foreign banks.

Benchmarking with competitors. Finding the best international practices, effective approaches to promote in social networking, social network activities in comparison with competitors and foreign players in the banking sector.

  • local banks in Facebook, Twitter…
  • foreign banks in social nets
  • best practices
  • benchmarking
  • recommendations
Online users satisfaction with banking Monitoring and analysis of users opinions about the services of banks in social media and blogosphere.

Conducting online surveys (using CAWI).

Effectiveness of Internet marketing in the bank Monitoring and auditing the effectiveness of online publications and PR. Website performance audit. X

Possible additional services: audit, improvement, realization of SMM-strategy.

Our advantages:

  • knowledge of the clients industry
  • knowledge of related industries (ex. Telecom industry)
  • analysis of the foreign markets
  • the products are checked on finding doubtful data.

We are ready to consider your individual requests and tasks – and to offer solution.