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Services for E-business, Online-Services, IT Startups, Incubators & Venture Funds

The international markets have strong potential for e-business & online services. In order to enter new markets or get financing / investment the preparation work and preliminary negotiations should be conducted. Business growth and startups also require different aspects like new market entry, new product’s features development, indenting Minimum Viable Product / MVP (including Minimum Product Design / MPD and Minimum Feature Set), organizational development, etc.

We are ready to offer marketing research, strategy development, MVP, business model, development of proposals for prospective clients and potential partners, preparing executive summaries, investment memorandums, presentations and other documents for possible investors, indenting and preliminary negotiations with possible clients and partners.

Even if you already have a strategy before you show it to investors you can involve us in the audit and refinement of the strategy, because rather often the investors consider the assessment of market specifics (size/value/volume, average revenue per user, seasonality) and the milestones of the project goals (functionality development and product launch deadlines, the amount and the rate of sales) to be unreasonable, i.e. too high or too low. Also the competitive advantages and the positioning of the company may be rather ambiguous and fuzzy for the investors.

Typically the result of our work has following sections:

  1. Basic market information
    • General information about market
    • Market size (volume, value)
    • Penetration of the service
    • Market trends
  2. Competitors and main market players
    • Types of competitors and their business models
    • Main players
      • Market shares
      • Pricing & Special offers
      • Positioning and competitive advantages
  3. Customers analysis
    • Market Segmentation
    • Market focus and addressable market
  4. Possible offering & testing its clients perception
    • Target segments
    • Problems solved
    • Key differentiators from competitors
    • Pricing
    • Marketing mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)
  5. Basic strategy
    • SWOT-analysis
    • Available opportunities
    • Key drivers
    • Critical Success Factors (CSF)
    • New features development
    • Pricing
    • Segmentation
    • Positioning
    • Regional roll-out, Sales & Marketing
    • Customer care
    • Business case / Financial model
  6. Possible scenarios for raising financing (investment, franchising, leasing, specialized partners …).
  7. S&M initial activity:
    • S&M action plan
    • Short-lists of clients and partners with possible messages and sources of information
    • Proposals for prospective clients and potential partners
  8. Indenting and preliminary negotiations with possible clients and partners.
  9. Announcing the investment project online.

During the research phase we could also make express verification of the perception of the offering (value proposition, price, features) among the prospective clients.

We can also launch S&M initial activity, i.e. provide initial business development and design basic business process.

Other services: