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Audit of the business model of a startup

Problem: many startups do not consider market environment, alternative solutions, expectations of target customers and as a consequence, are not sufficiently effective and competitive. It’s especially typical for startups on pre-seed stage.

Solution: assessment of the completeness and quality of the business model of a startup, recommendations for changing elements of its business model, based on the workouts of A.Ostervalder and S.Blank.

Stages of consulting:
1. Express analysis on the basis of the completed brief.
2. Interview on the current status of a startup.
3. Preparation of the SWOT-analysis, including assessment of skill level of startup’s team.
4. Determination of the competition.
5. Development of the options of business model.
– Problem
– Decision
– Existing alternatives
– Consumer segments
– Early adopters
– Core value propositions
– Sales channels
– Customer relations (technology)
– Sources of income
– Key resources (finance, raw materials, human, intellectual property, intangible (such as patents, certificates)
– Key activities, KPI, key business processes and stages
– Key partners
– The cost structure.
6. Recommendations for the business model and action plan to start its implementation.
7. Presentation of the results.

Recommendations are based on international experience and may not reflect the specifics of a particular market.
The work doesn’t include assessment of market capacity, the key drivers of market growth, promotion channels, development of a business strategy (product positioning, sales, marketing and services, geographic expansion), in-depth analysis of competitors.

The minimum amount of work: 3 working days.