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Sales launch

Startup’s problems:
– You have ready commercial product, but no sales
– You do not know the volume of demand for your product
– The project has insufficient monetization
– The text of the offer does not work (product benefits are not significant for the customer, the product is not much different from the competitors, a letter is composed in a language not clear for the target audience)
– The target segment is chosen incorrectly and as a result you have a large number of idle contacts, low efficiency of sales
– Potential customers abandon the product.

– Definition and development of the unique value proposition (UVP) of the offer, revision of the offer
– Testing of different variants of the commercial offer
– Selection of the most efficient commercial offers for different segments
– Definition of the target segment, techniques of searching and interacting with customers
– Sales for the first clients
– Algorythm of work with objections
– Sales through strategic partners
– Increase of startups’s monetization.