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Market of Services of Commercial Data Centers and Cloud Services in Ukraine

The main purpose of the review is to provide data for the development of market strategy. Overview is the basis for:

·  Evaluation of the attractiveness of the Ukrainian market as a whole and its segments;
· Analysis of competitors, their strategies, capacities and key indicators to develop a strategy of positioning and unique advantages;
·  Determining of the market share and the company’s position in the context of income;
· Formation of trade proposals on the basis of data obtained in the study of price offers, services, promotions to attract or retain customers.


Conduct a detailed market analysis is needed to determine the optimal strategy in terms of maximizing profitability and capitalization. Market analyst is particularly relevant for companies whose business strategy is based on acquisitions (M & A strategies) and plans to expand the geographical presence, settling in new products and markets (Roll out strategy). Market research is important for companies that are already operating in the market for an adequate assessment of its competitors, customers, market opportunities.

Structure of analysis.

Consulting Group E & C is ready to offer market research, as the market of commercial data centers and cloud services in general, and each segment separately. In our reviews you can find information about the market size, the dynamics of key indicators (units, occupancy, income, middle income), profiles of competitors, analysis of trade proposals.

The overview of the market (basic analytical units).

Adopted terminology and notation.
1. Introduction.
2. Definitions and classification:
2.1. Classification of data centers;
2.2. Classification services.
3. Ukrainian market of data center:
3.1. Volume and benchmarks;
3.2. Market Structure;
3.3. Cloud services market segment data center;
3.4. Trends and market outlook.
4. Information about the market players.
5. Commercial proposal and marketing policies of key market players.
6. Conclusions and recommendations.

Content data bank (digital application with basic tables graphs and charts):


The main segments and companies.

In a review of “commercial services market data centers and cloud services in Ukraine” are analyzed in detail and the following segments of them:
Segment «rent of designated zones (modules)»: BeMobile, DeNovo, ColoCall and Parkovyi.
Segment «сollocation»: Volia, MiroHost, ColoCall, Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar, Datagrup,, Parkovyi, Adamant, Wnet, Dream Line, LuckyNet, Infocom, Freehost, UNU and Unit-IS.
Segment «virtual dedicated server»: Volia, MiroHost, ColoCall, Ukrtelecom, Datagrup,, Parkovyi, Adamant, Wnet, Dream Line, LuckyNet, Freehost and Unit-IS.
Segment «dedicated servers»: Volia, MiroHost, ColoCall, Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar,, Adamant, Wnet, Dream Line, LuckyNet, Freehost, UNU and Unit-IS.
Segment «cloud services»: Volia, DeNovo, Parkovyi and Adamant.
Segment «hosting»: Volia, MiroHost, ColoCall, Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar,, Adamant, Wnet, Dream Line, Infocom, Freehost and Unit-IS.

For convenience, each market survey consists of an analytical review of the findings and recommendations and the data bank.

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