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Review of the Local Markets and Assets for M&A

The main purpose of the product “Review of the Local Markets and Assets for M&A” is to develop strategies:

  • competitive advantages;
  • M & A (mergers and acquisitions);
  • Roll out (deployment / development of new products and markets).

A detailed analysis of the market, it is necessary to determine the optimal strategy in terms of maximization of capitalization and profitability. Market analyst is particularly relevant for companies whose business strategy is based on acquisitions (M & A strategies), or plans to expand geographic presence, development of new products and markets (Roll out strategy). It is also important to study the market for companies that are already working in the local market for an adequate assessment of its competitors, customers, market opportunities.

The knowledge of the market allows you to answer the following questions:

  • Who is our customer? (Who, in what quantity and size pays us money?)
  • Who is our competitor? (Who and why takes our money? Can we buy them?)
  • What are our prospects? (How much, when and by what means you can earn money?)

Consulting Group “E & C” is ready to offer market research, as the national market as a whole and the local market. We will give you information on the amount and dynamics of core indicators (subscribers / RGU, revenue, ARPU), profiles of competitors, interesting to buy assets, analysis of trade offers. We will help you in finding potential buyers, or vice versa for the purchase of assets, the preparation of executive summary, invest, memoranda, presentations and other documents for potential investors.
We offer basic information services in support of M & A transactions in their early stages:

  • general information about the market, its prospects and investment attractiveness (example);
  • detailed information on the local market (example);
  • lists of attractive assets (example).

The researches of local markets, which are already avaliable:
map of review of local markets
You can also order individual research (link to BRIEF).

We are pleased to help you!

Andrey Pastuhov
Skype: pastan