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Proposal – M&A of Telecom Operators

Growth based on acquisitions has risks, especially if the company is expanding its geographical presence and developing new products and markets. To determine the best conditions for the M&A deal from the point of view of maximizing profitability and capitalization it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the opportunities and the market in which the deal is planned.

E&C Consulting Group is ready:

  • to offer market research of the whole market and of the local market where one or the target players is working on;
  • to provide a detailed profile of interesting assets;
  • to help in indenting potential buyers
  • to prepare executive summaries, investment memorandums, presentations and other documents for potential investors.

We can offer basic information services to support M&A deals on their early stages:

  • gathering general information about the market, its prospects and investment attractiveness (additional information >>>)
  • providing lists of prospective assets (operators, service providers, home networking) which are interesting for purchase with a detailed analysis of their markets, competitors and the price level (additional information >>>)
  • market profiles of specified assets (the amount of information shown below may vary depending on the data obtained from communication with the assets):
    • legal issues (ownership, number of founders)
    • financial and commercial indicators: the size and structure of the subscriber base (percentage of individuals and legal entities), ARPU of Internet and otehr services (cable TV, telephony, …), operating costs, debt …
    • major competitors and their indicators
    • technical data (geographical coverage and the number of connected buildings and apartments, technologies used and their shares, the topology of the network, the technical characteristics of the site, the backbone and the core network, the state of the network)
    • the expected value of the deal
    • threats and opportunities

If necessary, we are ready to make preliminary negotiations using our name and to introduce the buyer to the seller, also to participate in the due dilligence.