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Review of Ukrainian telecom market

Researched telecom services:

  • Main: Internet, cable TV (including IPTV).
  • Optional: mobile and fixed telephony.

Researched telecom markets:

  • Ukraine.

Exemplary report structure:

  1. Basic information
    • General information about Ukrainian telecom market
    • Penetration of the service
  2. Main telecom market players
    • Main Telcos shares
    • The dynamics of the subscriber base of the main Telcos
    • Revenues of the main Telcos
    • Market structure by technologies
  3. Market news and expert estimations
    • News about main market players
    • Expert opinions and estimations
    • Main trends

The products are checked on finding doubtful data.

Our advantages:

  • knowledge of the clients industry
  • analysis of the local telecom markets
  • data detalization by cities
  • consolidation of data by groups and holdings of the companies
  • accounting of the data from the previous periods