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Review of the Pay TV market in Ukraine


Comprehensive quarterly review of the pay TV market in Ukraine for TV providers, TV broadcasters, distributors of TV channels, Internet service providers, providers of New Media. The report describes in detail the dynamics of the shares of the basic technologies (paid and “pirate” satellite broadcasting, analogue and digital broadcasting, cable digital and analogue TV, new technology IPTV, OTT).

The review provides market shares of Ukrainian top providers in each segment, the main drivers (factors) that influence the growth of the market, future changes in technology. The report has data on penetration, some indicators for B2C and B2B segments (subscribers, revenue, etc.). It also provides an analysis of tariffs and marketing activities of leading operators. Information provided may be of interest both for Ukraine and for other countries as an example of a business case and the growth of technological change and the ways to maintain and increase the market share of the operator.


Assessment and development of a competitive marketing strategy at the national level in Ukraine for pay-TV services.


If you plan:

  • to increase the market share, sales, profitability, earnings;
  • to enter a new market with your services;
  • to get detailed information about competitors;
  • to make baseline forecast and prepare business model;
  • to acquire new assets, to invest in the telecom business.


You get teh toolkit that allows:

  • to estimate the total size of the market in subscribers, revenues by B2B and B2C segments;
  • to estimate the penetration, the share of core technologies;
  • to estimate the market share of the company and its competitors (revenues, customer base, APRU, network capacity);
  • to determine the ownership structure of the telecom providers;
  • to make analysis of the selling proposition of the major players.

Available periods: 2012 year – Q2 2014.

Detailed information is available at the following links: