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Research of Dishes Market, Ukraine 2012

Dishes (tableware) – is the generic name of household items used for cooking and eating. Depending on the purpose of dishes they are divided into two categories: serving dishes, utensils for cooking.
The annual growth of dished market in 2007-2008. remained stable at …% annually. In 2007, the market value was about $ … million, and according to experts in 2009 the indicator was $ … million (partly due to the increase of prices).
Experts predict that in 2012 the market volume of dishes market of $… million. Thus, dishes sales hit record ahead of Euro-2012. But It should be noted that this trend after the competition can turn into sharp drop in sales. According to experts, mostly Ukrainian dishes market grows by imports. The aveage ratio of imported and domestic products market, according to experts, was …% to …%.
According to expert estimates in 2011, utensils for serving is …% of the market – about $… million in 2011, utensils for cooking – …% – about … million. U.S.
In Ukraine are represented the dishes of all known brands, mainly goods produced in …
Ukrainian dishes are mainly exported to the CIS countries, the largest volume of exports goes to …
The main problem of dishes market of Ukraine …
One more problem, as consider operators of the market, is the fact that ….
According to retailers and suppliers, a critical problem in selling dishes is .. According to experts, the dishes market … , the potential of this market is …. For example, the average European annually spends about EUR … to purchase cookware, Russians – about $ .., and in Ukraine this indicator is much lower – about $ …. Therefore, according to forecasts, in the next 5 years the market of dishes will have positive growth. Profitability at …% will be facilitate the entry of new operators – both domestic and foreign.
The trend shift in demand from … to … products. ….
According to the forecasts of operators ….
As noted, the buying activity … and for some time will stay ….
There are … compaines working og the the dishes market of Ukraine – manufacturers, importers and traders of the product.
If we talk about the main suppliers of cookware, the operators assure that the absolute leaders are manufacturers of …
The main producer of glass tableware and kitchen utensils in the Ukraine at the end ….
According to the experts, the competitors for domestic dish producers on the Ukrainian market are companies from ….
In recent years, consumer demand for tableware among retail customers has changed dramatically: if previously the largest volume of sales were in sets … , now the highest demand have separate objects – sets of plates, cups, mugs, etc. Special attention has ceramic and crockery, slightly decreased demand for glass, although becoming more popular products of impact-resistant glass bakeware and cookware with Teflon coating. Constant demand is white and clear dishes. Formed middle class in Ukraine, which include people with an income of $ 1,000, requires high quality dishes, environmentally sound and aesthetically appealing.

The structure and content of the reports “Research of Dishes Market, Ukraine 2012:

1. Market.

1.1 General description and characteristics of the goods.

1.2. Market structure.

1.3. The law which influences the market

1.4. The capacity and dynamics of the market.

1.5. Export and import indicators of the market.

1.5.1. The analysis of import.

1.5.2. The analysis of export.

1.6. Market problems and issues.

1.7. Market forecast for 2-3 years.

2. Competition.

2.1. Competitive environment analysis and key players.

2.2. Marketing policy.

2.3. Pricing Policy.

3. Consumers.

3.1. Seasonality.

3.2. Consumers segmentation.

3.3. Consumption patterns.

3.4. Consumer preferences.

4. Annexes.

5. The list of sources.

Tables and diagrams:
– Structure of the market of Ukraine dishes depending on the purpose,%
– Ukrainian dishes market volume, $ million
– The dynamics of retail trade of dishes and dining sets in Ukraine, mln. UAH
– Stocks of dishes and dining sets in a retail chain in Ukraine, mln., In trade days
– The share of sales of dished and dining sets, produced by enterprises in Ukraine in the turnover of retail network,%
– Dynamics of imports of plastics tableware and kitchenware in Ukraine, million USD
– Dynamics of export of plastic tableware and kitchenware from Ukraine, million USD
– Exports of plastics tableware and kitchenware from Ukraine (in monetary terms),%
– The main producers of plastic dishes in Ukraine (in real terms),%
– Structure of the market for home ware by price segment (in monetary terms),%
– Sales mix of dishes for HoReCa by price segment (in quantitative terms),%
– The structure of retail trade utensils and tableware by regions of Ukraine, ths.
– The main regions of retail turnover of dishes and cutlery in Ukraine (in real terms),%

Optional additional sections and services that can be included in the package:

  • Review of legal field affecting the development of the market.
  • Academic & Research institutions.
  • Online demand for the products and WEB-analytics.
  • Critical Success Factors (CSF), Key drivers.
  • Trends.
  • Strategy And Marketing Mix to Enter Ukrainian Market.
  • Additional Consulting and Business Development Services.

Number of pages: 45-70.

LANGUAGES: The report is available in Russian, 10 days for the English version (free of charge).

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