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Rating of Ukrainian operators of mobile Internet by the end of Q3 2013

5 years ago

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E&C consulting group (, interviewed the key market participants and prepared the rating of operators of mobile Internet in Ukraine in the third quarter of 2013. Compared with the previous rating the significant changes in the positions of the players did not happen: the top three operators of mobile Internet, as before, led by three largest GSM-operators in Ukraine. Kyivstar remains the leader , mobile Internet user base of this company during the period was more than 11 million subscribers:

According to «E&C» estimation (, the integral rating* of mobile Internet operators in the 3-rd quarter of 2013 by the subscriber base was as follows:



Subbscribers (thousand)



11 220


9 210 **


4 520


1 012





* Rating is are estimates. E&C ( reserves the right to revise the indicators of this rating.
** The estimtion of 6 month subbs base including 6 012 thousand subscribers, active in the last day of the III quarter 2013.

The results of previous ratings can be found here: 1st quarter 2013.

Vyacheslav Dzhulai, manager of data services in Kyivstar

Vyacheslav Dzhulai, manager of data services in KyivstarDemand for mobile Internet services is growing every quarter. Several factors contribute to the fact: the replacement of traditional phones by smartphones, social networking boom, the development of information and entertainment content, changing of billing approaches. Lately, we can see that the mobile Internet displaces other services of mobile communication – exchange of multimedia and text messaging, voice calls . And, thanks to the introduction of packet tariff model, and the abolition of per-megabyte tariff, this service has become one of the most affordable and economical means of communication in Kyivstar.

Third quarter of 2013 was a landmark for mobile Internet services in Kyivstar network. We waived the fee for megabytes in most prepaid plans. There are only a fee of one night, when a subscriber accesses the Internet. This 0.5 to 2 UAH. Thus, the amount of data traffic that uses the subscriber is not limited. Earlier cost of a megabyte of traffic was 10 UAH. Thus, after the cancellation fee per megabyte the Kyivstar’s subscribers expenses for mobile internet decreased tenfold. The cost does not depend on the access type to the Internet: wap, GPRS / EDGE. Regardless of the volume of traffic and access method, there is the same principle: no fee for megabytes, paid only night when subscribers accesses the Internet .

Oleg Reshetin, the director of marketing in MTS Ukraine

Oleg Reshetin, the director of marketing in MTS Ukraine
Overall trend for the Ukrainian mobile market is declining of revenues due to the influence of macroeconomic indicators, lower real incomes and the actual lack of 3G in Ukraine , has less impact on business of MTS Ukraine than on the main business competitor. If the whole dynamics of market income was -2.5%. While the main competitor income fell 8%, the income of MTS Ukraine annualized changed considerably less – only on 1%. This indicates the stability of the company’s business and its resistance to the negative effects of external factors. We are also pleased that we continue to reduce the gap in market share by revenue with the main competitor.

Oksana Rudyuk, head of PR-department of life:)

Oksana Rudyuk, head of PR-department ща life:)
The main trend in the market is still growing data traffic in the networks of mobile operators. This is origined by growing number of users of the Internet, and by more attractive marketing offers for mobile Internet access, and by increasing spread of smartphones in the networks .
In the past six months there has also been a trend in increasing the number of services in the tariff package proposals, in connection with which there is a correction of their value. Also the attention of operators during the formation of tariff proposals shifted toward the wholesale when the package is offered at a more attractive price than the individual services.
Telecom market froze over the precipice because of regulatory and market relations. The only service whose consumption is constantly increasing is mobile date. From our perspective, this trend will be relevant in the next quarter. Also unlikely the price changes, although operators will continue to work on a package proposal. In general, given the pre-holiday period, in the fourth quarter, we do not expect significant changes in the market.
If we talk about the plans of life:), we continue to focus on the services that are required by subscribers today, as well as services aimed at customer self-car and gained widespread popularity among young users who want to control their own costs, services, receive customer in online mode. At the same time we are working on several projects in the field of mobile financial services. Our main price proposals remain unchanged for voice calls and for mobile internet services. We will continue to provide our customers with the most affordable mobile internet on the market by offering a choice of either the possibility of unlimited Internet usage (tariffs “Crazy Day”, “All -inclusive”), or to purchase daily megabyte package at an affordable price.

Source: Expert & Consulting ( Reference to the source and active clickable link is obligatory.