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Ukrainian Pay TV operators rating in III’2012

6 years ago

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2012 showed no significant increase in consumption of pay-TV services in Ukraine. In some cities continued tightening of competitive activity between the parallel cable networks. In most multidwell buildings in megacities are constructed and maintained at least 3 parallel cabling networks. Also noted increased competition in the market of satellite pay-TV. The subscribers of satellite pay TV are those who have previously used free satellite TV.

The segment of terrestrial digital television received state support and started to play a significant role. The OTT-segment (video services over the Internet) showed a good dynamics. Leading cable operators and Internet service providers are considering launching their own OTTs, which will allow them to sell services not only for users of their Internet.

The main problem of the sector remains the lack of transparency of the market (anderreporting) and the absence of common rules (licensing and regulation), especially for new media (IPTV, OTT).

The loudest event of the year, clearly, was the inclusion by market regulator, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, in the so-called universal service of the programs, along with analog terrestrial channels, digital terrestrial television, which may reduce the competitiveness of small cable operators who have to replace the popular channels to “obligatory”.

E&C consulting group ( and the online newspaper “Telekritika” prepared a first rating of operators of pay TV market in Ukraine. It is planned that this rating will be issued quarterly.

According to the estimate of E&C, the rating* of Top-10 operators of pay TV market by subscribers for the III quarter of 2012 is as follows:


The number of subscribers at the end of Q3 2012 (in thousands)


Volia (incl. Odeko)


Triolan **






Information Technologies


Black Sea




Lanet ***




Obshegorodskaya Multimedia Set (OMS)


* rating is an estimate. E&C ( reserves the right to review this rating.

** Includes all bundle-subscribers (both Internet and TV services, the package “Standard”). The indicators could be changed because of possible restructuring of the group.

*** including subscribers of companies operating under the brand «Lanet».

E&C ( and “Telekritika” also conducted interviews with key players in their respective segments, which were asked to describe the main developments and trends in the industry and give a forecast for the coming year:


General trends and news in the market in that period

  1. Entry (and active promotion advertising on TV) of “Zeonbud».
  2. Further development of paid satellite.
  3. Development and growing popularity of bundle-offers (TV + Internet).

Company’s plans for the next quarter

The launch of new channels in HD quality, the next primier will be Fox HD.

Recommendations / initiatives / suggestions to the market players

Main recommendations to market participants – to work exclusively in the legal field, primarily in the use of licensed content.

Another important aspect that directly affects the quality development of the telecommunications market – holding reasonable pricing policies and abscence of dumping policies.


General trends and news in the market in that period

In our view, the main news of the market was the issue of IPTV licenses by state regulator. Among the trends of the market: increasing interest in digital television services, and therefore, the growth of number of proposals. Also it is increasing interest to OTT technologies.

In 2012, the TeNeT company has developed a number of unique content projects. In particular, a joint project with GUMVD (Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Ukraine in Odessa region and the creation of television for cinema-festival “Second Odessa International Film Festival”. Also it’s worth to note the growing interest by our customers to provided digital television services.

Company’s plans for the next quarter

In the next quarter, we plan to develop new interactive digital TV service named TENET-TV.

Recommendations / initiatives / suggestions to the market players

Being a company, involved in the emergence and establishment of digital TV in Ukraine, we understand what a difficult situation in the area is now. TeNeT stands for the formation of a clear common rules of work. In particular, the licensing activities, and not the methods of providing the service. Uniform rules will benefit the industry, all market participants and end-users.


General trends and news in the market in that period

First of all, it is launching a national HD TV project of Viasat. Currently, the company – the leader in HD TV in the country, with the only licensed Ukrainian satellite platform, providing HD-service. Besides us, only “Volia” has HD-offer with a substantial amount of subscribers.

An important innovation was the launch of three new channels of movies HD-TV1000 Premium HD, TV1000 Megahit HD TV1000 Comedy HD after signing an exclusive distribution agreement with four major Hollywood studios Sony Picture International, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal International Television, as well as independent distributors of content.

These deals are entitled TV1000 Megahit HD and TV1000 Premium HD TV show premiers premium high-quality movies in the first place after they shown in the theaters in a few years. These channels, as well as the TV1000 Comedy HD broadcast signals in HD with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. License agreements signed for new channels mean that subscribers will receive many movies on TV first.

Also this year we launched UA.TV of Viasat – single base prepaid pay TV for the mass market. UA.TV service provided on the same technical infrastructure, resources, sales and service, while providing affordable value proposition for a much broader range of Ukrainian viewers.

Company’s plans for the next quarter

We do not comment on our plans, but, first of all, we expect to increase sales of our new premium HD channels and prepaid UA.TV. We believe in the future growth of the pay-TV market in Ukraine.

Recommendations / initiatives / suggestions to the market players

We look forward to continue our growth, developing the provision of the best Ukrainian audience of movies and sports content.


General trends and news in the market in that period

DIVAN.TV is first company in Ukraine that launched VoD – service. Using new technology of video delivery (OTT and VoD) led by the beginning of the transformation of the linear TV market in the country. The same changes are actively taking place in the world.

We are happy with appearance of other legitimate players in the pay-TV market of Ukraine.

Company’s plans for the next quarter

We plan to complete integration with all the Smart TV: Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic, and other “smart” TVs. In winter we will start online version of DIVAN.TV. Later on DIVAN.TV multimedia service will be available on smartphones, tablets (iOS, Android) and other gadgets – we will implement the concept of TV Everywhere.

In the new year we will provide teleusers with broadcast TV channels in HD quality. We will continue to replenish VoD library of movies in 3D-quality, which is not availble in Ukraine so far. We also plan to further co-operation with leading Internet Service Providers in Ukraine.

And in the new year multimedia service DIVAN.TV will launch targeted advertising.

Recommendations / initiatives / suggestions to the market players

Initiative – the fight against piracy.

Source: Expert & Consulting ( Reference to the source is obligatory.