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Main M2M-Services in Ukraine

5 years ago

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In the next year or two wireless connections market M2M (machine-to-machine) may be one of the fastest growing. The services could be interesting both for the business segment as well as for the mass market. For the implementation of the majority of services can be applied GPRS/EDGE technology.

Today, the Ukrainian market B2B, mainly represented by the following services :
• GPS-tracking of transport (fuel control, monitoring of abuses, route analysis, estimation of the processed areas… )
• Safety monitoring and video surveillance.

Also there are more specific offers, such as control of vending equipment.

Another very promising segment, particularly in the delivery of goods for the mass market – air drons.

Unfortunately, Ukraine still has poorly developed M2M for the public sector (traffic monitoring system, utilities), payment solutions for retail, management and control systems of technological processes in industry (except, perhaps, is agricultural sector).

As for the mass market, one of the important markets, influencing the development of M2M – the Internet of things market, especially the wearable gadgets (wearables). This trend is noticeable especially in the markets of wellness and mobile Health (more often arrises the interest to such devices as life-treckers, however explicit Ukrainian localizations using M2M are not available yet). In addition, there are proposals for GPS-tracking of private vehicles (mostly for anti-theft).