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M2M market may become one of the most promising for mobile operators of Ukraine in B2B

5 years ago

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Currently, the market for wireless connections of M2M (machine-to-machine) for mobile operators is one of the most interesting and promising. According to estimates of Berg Insight, in 2012 the total number of worldwide wireless M2M connections reached 134.9 million, the annual market growth (CAGR) in 2013 – 22-24 % (year-end may show 164.5 million connections). At the end of 2012 the markets of Eastern Asia, Western Europe and North America had similar size, in the sum amounting about 75% (by subscribers) of the world M2M. M2M-market. The largest market in 2012 was East Asia (37.8 million connections). Western Europe was in second place. Major global trend is the increasing number of M2M connected cars and enterprises, while in Europe the trend was more in eCall growth. M2M market is also increasingly characterized by a strong interference with the market of mHealth (telemedicine and mobile health).

In the coming years, the market for wireless connections of M2M (machine-to-machine) may be one of the most promising and dynamic for Ukrainian mobile operators and integrators. To implement a large number of services it is not required the speed of 3G- and 4G technology – GPRS / EDGE can be used. Large market potential can demonstrate the following segments:

  • Public sector (monitoring traffic, utilities )
  • Solutions for Transport and Logistics
  • Payment solutions for retail
  • Security Systems
  • Management and control systems of technological processes in industry
  • Consumer segment (GPS, eReader, “smart home” sensors).

Other promising segments – mobile Health and advertising.

More detailed information will be available on the market at the consulting group E&C ( in the report “An overview of M2M market of Ukraine in 2013.”

The report can be interesting for the following target audience :

  • Mobile and cellular operators
  • System Integrators
  • Vendors and developers of hardware and software
  • CIOs of banks and retail chains
  • Associations and technology groups
  • Telecom operators and technology companies
  • Consulting and marketing agencies
  • Investors, venture funds, start-ups.

Contents of the report:

  1. Basic Information
    • General information about the market (including foreign market)
    • Market Indicators
    • Market Trends.
  2. Competitors and main market players
    • The main categories of market players and their business models
    • Key players
    • Market shares of players and their key performance indicators
    • Positioning and competitive advantages.
  3. Consumer Analysis
    • Market Segmentation
    • Addressable market and market focus.
  4. Trade proposals available on Ukrainian market.
  5. Potential of M2M-solutions in Ukraine – assessment of technology, industry factors, the regulatory sphere.
  6. Forecast of development of M2M in Ukraine.
  7. Recomendations on Strategy
    • Situation analysis, opportunities
    • The growth key drivers.
  8. Critical Success Factors (CSF).

It’s planned to show in report the successful business cases, an extended evaluation of the potential of individual segments. It will be useful to evaluate and develop strategies at the national level.

Source: Expert & Consulting ( Reference to the source and active clickable link is obligatory.