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Market Researches of Tech and B2B-Services

E&C is ready to propose market researches with analytcis, strategic and tactical decisions for Hightech and other B2B services markets.

The researches answer teh question how the market is changing:

  • Is the market changing.
  • Where the market is going, current trends.
  • What’s going on similar neighboring more developed and less advanced markets (whether the services can be interested in those markets).
  • Reasons of changes in the market.
  • What new services are introduced by leading players and competitors,
  • From what services the customers began to refuse. What services are becoming interesting.
  • Customer criteria for selecting suppliers services.

Some researched markets:

  • M2M (Machine-2-Machine)
  • mobile health
  • automation of business processes
  • process automation
  • engeneering
  • safety and monitoring
  • electric power supply
  • online shops.

Geography marketing research: CIS and Russian-speaking former Soviet Union countries (FSU / xUSSR) – Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Baltic states.

To evaluate your request, please send the completed brief