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Широкополосный доступ в Интернет

Conference – #TIM: Broadband 2016 (Broadband Ukraine 2016)

3 years ago

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Date: February 12, 2016 Venue: Ukraine, Kiev, MonteRay, Ukraine, Kiev, 8, Prorizna str., «Kreschatik» Metro Station ORGANIZER: Expert & Consulting (E&C) About #TIM: Broadband 2016 February 12 will be a conference BROADBAND UKRAINE 2016, which will be devoted to the most important issues of the telecom industry today. It is expected more than 200 participants…

Conference – Broadband Ukraine 2015

4 years ago

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Date: February 20, 2015 Venue: Kiev, Ukraine ORGANIZERS: – Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Radio and Television Expert & Consulting (E&C) – TECHEXPO LLC AGENDA 09:30 Registration of the participants Session 1 GOVERNMENT as a SERVICE 10:00-11:30 Discussion: How can governmental structures and regulators help the market grow? – Governmental regulatory programs relating to new media…

Rating of Operators of Fixed Broadband by the End of 2Q 2014

4 years ago

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Consulting group Expert & Consulting ( interviewed key market participants and summed up the results of the second quarter. Also, we asked the players comment on the situation and operation of companies in the area of ATO. RATING According to the evaluation of group «E&C» ( the rating* of operators of fixed broadband by the…

Internet Market in Ukraine (segments of fixed broadband) in 2013: Integrated Rating of Internet Providers in Q4’2013

5 years ago

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Expert & Consulting Group(, interviewed the key market participants and formed an integral rating (description of the methodology is available on the link method). Because this rating is a kind of summary, we also asked players to share their achievements in the field of administrative management. Integral rating According to E&C estimation (, the integral…

Fixed broadband Ukrainian operators rating in III’2013: integral indicators

5 years ago

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E&C consulting group (, interviewed the key market participants to sum up the quarter. Also in order to meet the operators wishes E&C extended the rating system. Now place in the ranking are allocated based on the positions of top 10 companies in three categories: – The number of subscribers (individuals and legal entities); –…

Current situation and outlook for fixed broadband Internet in Ukraine, Broadband Ukraine in 2013 (Kiev, Ukraine)

5 years ago

139 words

June 12, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine held its annual conference Broadband Ukraine in 2013, organized by TechExpo (EEBC). E&C Consulting group has acted as a strategic partner of the event with a presentation on “Current situation and outlook for fixed broadband Internet in Ukraine.” As part of the report it was shown what is the current…