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What TV services are used in Ukraine

6 years ago

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At the end of 2012, E&C has studied Ukrainian market of television services (all Ukraine, adults).

Below are some of the estimates and the results received …

Among the technologies the most popular pay-TV is Cable TV (its share of about 38% of households). It is the most popular in Kiev and in the Eastern region of Ukraine, the least – in the Western region. The difference in popularity in the Western and the Eastern region – about 2.2 times.

The terrestrial analog TV is used in  about 33% of households. Most of them are in rural areas and small urban settlements (more than 60% of households). Least of all it is used in cities with a population of 50-100 thousand. In the city’s the most popular is cable pay TV.

The share of paid and free satellite TV in Ukraine – a little over 20%. It is most popular in rural and small urban settlements (the household penetration of 36%).

The ARPU of Pay-TV in the Western region is about 22% more than in the Central region of Ukraine.

Regions of Ukraine  

Exceeding of ARPU comparing with Central Region

Northern Region


Western Region


Southern Region


Eastern Region


Note: Data excludes Kiev.

In villages and small urban settlements ARPU is about 60% more than in cities with a population of 50-100 thousand.

ARPU of the households with a low standard of living is almost 33% lower than the ARPU of households with above-average standard of living.

The study also provided data on ARPU, on the share of digital cable TV, digital terrestrial television, IPTV / OTT technology, shares of the leading satellite operators (Viasat, Poverkhnost  TV, NTV +, Xtra TV) by regions of Ukraine, by the size of settlements, by the standard of living households.

Source: Expert & Consulting ( Reference to the source and web-site is obligatory.